The Wedding

Here's a few wedding pictures. None of them are mine, so thank you to Austin and Michaela. Our official wedding pictures will be up on the 25th at http://www.reprintorders.com/Companies/Becca_Spears_Photography_Inc/Integration_Service/Weddings.aspx. Our photographer showed us a few teasers at www.beccasphotoblog.blogspot.com if you want to see them. Once we get internet in our apartment, we'll put up some pictures of the honeymoon and our new home together.
Daniel and I at the rehearsal dinner. What a fun party!!!

I love this picture so much because that's exactly how I felt the whole day. What a wonderful man to adore!

What would any even be without the traditional club mother-daughter pic! Aren't they all so beautiful? I am so blessed to have five vivid examples of godly marriage.

And the club, of course! I am so blessed!

Our lovely mothers. They were both so stunning that night.
Daniel and I had so much fun dancing that night.

The exit. We were having so much fun we almost didn't want to leave. We have such wonderfully fun friends and family!

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