These past few weeks have just felt like waiting! Waiting to hear about a job offer, waiting for summer, waiting for our nephew to be born... in the meantime, however, we've been having lots of fun! We got to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Sunday (thank you to my parents!!!). We both love musicals, and it's a fun thing to share with my family.
Spring came out in full force on Monday, so in the afternoon Daniel joined me on my run, then we threw a football around, and then we got a group together to play sand volleyball! Needless to say we were a little slow getting out of bed on Tuesday! I'd forgotten I had some of those muscles!
So, it's been fun to wait. And as for the waiting.... well, Daniel got offered a couple of jobs, so now he just has to choose which one!! summer.... well, there are only five weeks left! and that nephew of ours--- he has to come pretty soon! So fun!
Here are a few (completely unrelated) photos that Michael Bankston took of Daniel and I over spring break. He said he wanted to try out his new camera... what a blessing!

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