Nine Months!

The skies have been so overcast the past two days (no complaint here!) that there hasn't been good enough light to take Elli's nine month pictures. The sun is supposed to return this weekend, though, so I'll post them when we've taken them.

Nine months old! Never has there been better proof that time flies while you're having fun! I can't believe that she's been outside of me longer than she was inside... I still clearly remember how tiny she was when we brought her home, and now she seems more like a toddler than an infant! At her appointment this morning, she weighed 20lb 1oz and measured 281/4 inches, putting her in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.

This month has been full of new discoveries for Elli, many of which I've already blogged about, such as learning to clap and her fascination with the game of peek-a-boo. She pulls herself up and down from everything, and she's starting to cruise around objects of furniture. Once, she let go of Daddy's hands for a moment and stood balancing herself for about five seconds, but we haven't seen that again.

She went through a phase there for a couple of weeks of clicking her tongue. What was funny is that she stuck her tongue out to one side while she did it. Shame on me for not getting a video!

Elli loves to eat, and I think she really enjoys feeding herself! Some of the newest additions have been beans, toast, pasta, and cherries. Soon we'll be starting meats, but not from a jar... I refuse to feed her anything that I wouldn't touch myself! She is pretty good with her sippy cup, but still prefers to chew on it for the most part. She had her first taste of formula a few weeks ago, but I don't even think she noticed.

Still no teeth, but I'm still loving the gummy smile, so no rush on those!

I'm excited to say that I think she has finally decided that books are not only yummy, but also fun to read! Grandpa and Mia brought her a new book when they came, and we read it at least five times a day. This is one of my favorite parts of the day, and I'm already making a list of all the older kids' books I want to read to her.

She's definitely using "mama" for me and "dada" for Daniel, but not exclusively, meaning that she also will be reading herself a book and say "mamamamama," or "dadadadadadada." But I'm pretty sure she does know what she's saying when she crawls towards me saying "mama!" (Usually when she wants to be held!)

Elli discovered several places and things in our apartment this month, some good and some bad. She finally decided that it would be fun to play in her room, and found out how to push the door open and scoot herself in. She loves to pull herself up on the bathroom toilet and tub. She loves the window by our front door where she can see Daddy coming and going. She often pulls herself up and shouts, "Da," while pounding on the window. She has also become fascinated with our tv and dvd player. We don't watch very much television, especially not while she's awake, but she loves to pull herself up and push the buttons. She's also discovered the dishwasher, and loves to stand up next to it while I'm doing dishes. It's so cute to see how much she loves to do what I'm doing... when I fold clothes, she's right there beside me, unfolding them.... when I vacuum, she follows me throughout the apartment, although I think that's because the vacuum cleaner is so very interesting... sometimes, when I'm laying on the floor, she'll come right next to me and lay beside me.

Whew... that was a lot, but I don't want to forget one moment of it! Every day with our sweet daughter is so precious to Daniel and I.

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smithec said...


so sorry to be leaving this info on your blog but I didn't have your email address. I just read my friend Kate's blog (she lives in San Antonio) and thought of you:


Not sure if you would even be interested in something like this (you may already be involved in something else), but BSF is an incredible, non-denominational Bible study, plus in San Antonio they would offer free childcare for Elli! Anyways, just thought of you and wanted to share. :)