Last week was a busy one around here! Our weekend was supposed to be full as well, but Elli and I were feeling under the weather, so we stayed at home for the most part.

Despite a runny nose and trouble sleeping, Elli was still playful as ever.
And I had a blast finishing up a sewing project! Well, finishing for now. It's a size 3T, so I'll hem it when she fits into it. It also desperately needs an iron, but you get the idea!

And thanks to Kristin's how-to, we made Elli some cute little t-shirts.
Daniel's exacto-blade skills sure did come in handy. I knew there was a reason for all those sleepless nights in studio!
So, for not feeling very good, we sure did have a lot of fun!
Here's what my kitchen table looked like this morning. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Oh Megs. How glorious would it be if we could have sewing afternoons together? Someday... I hope.

j and k said...

Your shirts look so cute! Isn't it fun and easy?

Christine said...

I love your projects! I am FINALLY getting to hemming my awesome lounge pants (tonight in fact!)...and making a promise to myself to become more handy in the handiwork. :)