"This is it, Mr. Frodo..."

As I ran through the pouring rain to complete my sixth mile this morning, I was reminded of the scene in Lord of the Rings when Samwise Gamgee, after halting in the middle of a cornfield, explains that if he takes one more step, it would be the furthest away from home he'd ever been.

I have only run two 10K's (6.2 miles) in my life, so beginning next Saturday, I will be weekly setting a new milestone as I gear up for my half marathon November 15. Not unlike Sam, I am looking forward to this challenge with more than a little hesitation. Do I really have 13.1 miles in me?

We're going to find out!


Aubrey said...

Good luck Megan!! You can do it and you will have a blast. I can't wait to do another half. Right now I am training back up to a 5k and then I will do a 10k in Nov and hopefully another half in the spring. We will see...getting back into running shape after a baby is harder than I thought. Happy training!

Erin said...

Good girl! You can do it! I, on the other hand, cannot. I have never run a step over 8 miles with no remorse ;-)