my little big girl

I am loving this age! Elli is constantly busy, growing like a weed, and adding new skills every day! Yesterday she brought me one of her stuffed animals (Violet) along with a pair of socks and shirt from her laundry. At first I didn't clue in to what she wanted, but after many "please" signs and pointing, Elli was able to communicate that she wanted me to dress Violet. So I did, and she couldn't stop smiling. One by one, she brought me all of her Pooh Bear buddies (this is what we call her collection of animals) along with an item of clothing. Adorable! I love that she's becoming such a little girl. Someday, I know the boy thing will be fun too, but there's nothing sweeter than Elli caring for her baby or stuffed animals!

We lined them up to take a picture of their little fashion show, although my favorite part may just be that cute little belly!

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alli kaarina said...

I love this... the tummy, the creativity, the little personality! So fun.