Ginger, the newest member of our little family!
She's about five months old,
half lab, half border collie
twenty-three pounds
and super cute!

We named her for those gorgeous ginger-colored eyes!
Man and dog... Daniel has waited a very long time for this day!
Can't have the camera out and not take pictures of this little one!
Love this girl!
and the new baby girl, too...


Gary said...

Absolutely a beautiful family! Little Eli is clearly looking a lot older than I remember and now so much more like her mommy.

Tucker seems to be dealing fairly well with the addition of his new sister. He is hopeful however that Daniel wont ever forget his first puppy.

Daniel said...

Sammy was my first puppy!!! and Tucker... he is teirs above all other dogs!

Christine said...

How fun!!! Cute pictures of one of my FAVORITEST FAMILIES!!! I love you guys!

Okay, Meg...where did you get your shoes??? LOVE!

Megan said...

Christine -- Target for 12.99! And they're actually really comfy.

smithec said...

ginger is adorable! congrats on the new addition! looks like she already loves eli.