Pollen, Pollen, Go Away

There are many reasons to enjoy the weather in Texas... allergies are not one of them. I have had allergies my whole life, but never this bad. Which really stinks because the weather is so lovely right now that all Elli and I want to do is go outside! South Texas is literally an unpleasant shade of yellow-green right now from all the pollen dust. I tried to capture it in a picture, but honestly it doesn't do it justice at all. Everything is covered with this stuff. Every time Elli and I do venture outside, I have to rinse off our feet and shoes, because they are inevitably covered in the stuff. I am taking showers twice a day, washing our sheets several times a week, and change clothes after every time outside. Fortunately, I do think the trees are almost done producing it, so hopefully we'll get a really good rain soon to wash it all away!

Our roof: normally a boring beige, now lemon-lime.
Fortunately, this girl isn't really affected. And yes, her baby is naked. She loves to take off the diaper, but hasn't quite figured out how to put it back on, so baby spends a lot of time in the buff.

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Michaela said...

I know what you mean about the allergies...I am dying up north! I guess that baby wont get diaper rash, with all that airing out of the buns!