Sick Sunday

My first clue was Elli falling asleep on the car ride home from church. Then she proceeded to take a three hour nap, which is highly unusual for Elli. When she finally did wake up, she cuddled and fell back asleep with me.Once we finally got out of bed, this was our cue to cancel our plans for running, basketball, and the playground. Instead, we did LOTS of this:While watching this:
Some more of this:While eating this:Did I mention we did this?:
Ginger kept watch:while Daddy got some snuggles too:Sweet baby! I know she didn't feel good, but she was so wonderfully sweet the whole time, even quietly playing with her Pooh buddies while laying on my chest. She slept fourteen hours last night and then asked me to take a nap two hours later! Her temperature was the highest it's ever been last night, but fortunately it is much lower this morning. Sad as I am to see her so sick, I'm loving all the extra snuggles with my sweetie.

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