Everyone comments on how much Elli looks like Daniel.  I definitely agree, but if they could see my baby pictures, I think they might change their minds!  Next time I'm at my parents, I will scan some of my 18 month pics so you can actually see an age comparison, but the three below are all I've got, and I thought it might be fun to see... 

Elli makes all three of these expressions all the time, especially the top one!

Not sure exactly how old I am here, maybe four or five?  
Three years old
Again, not sure how old, but right around three or four, I'm guessing.


Julie said...


You are adorable. My mom has always thought that Elli looks just like a McAdoo. Elli has some beautiful genes that is for sure.

Ryan, Aubrey and Mirabel Bucher said...

I can see a lot of Daniel in her. But, Ryan and I have always said you can definitely tell she is a McAdoo.

smithec said...

you're right, she totally does look like you! especially in that top picture. i think you and daniel resembled each other when you were young (not that you looked like a boy, but you know what i mean)! :)

Christine said...

She is such a beautiful combination of both of you! I LOVE that first picture of you. I really want to kiss your cheeks! Is that wierd?