Friday Moments

 Just a few moments from my Friday that are making me oh-so-happy.

Fort making with Elli.
(I may or may not have photo-shopped this photo to give you the false impression that my floors are spotless.)

She brought in all her buddies and led them in a story time just like at BSF.  A-dor-a-ble.

 We made this to count down the days until her cousins come visit!  Elli is a big fan of using the scissors to cut a ring off every morning.

I caught several sweet looks from this little sweetie!

 Roo was practicing his bouncing, apparently.

 Flowers from my man... he picked them because they were the closest thing the store had to sunflowers.  Love that man.

 Recipe for a perfect naptime: showers and the October MSL (thanks, Mom!).


Rachel said...

Megan, you are such sweet, engaged momma! I love the fun activities that you do with your girls and getting to read about your heart for them :) Love, Rachel Jorgensen

Kelley said...

that is the perfect naptime :)