Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Our sweet, second born turned 4 on May 12th. When I think back to that precious, dark haired, itty-bitty baby we brought home... I'm just in awe. How has she grown up so quickly? And what a joyful, spunky, tender-hearted young lady she is becoming!

We gave her a bike for her birthday, just like her big sister, and she was delighted! Her sisters gave her the very important accessories.

With a little bit of practice, she was up and down the street, stopping every few minutes to collect treasures for her bag.

In anticipation of our first moments with baby #4, I've been reminiscing over the first moments of meeting all my babes. I remember being shocked by Caroline's full head of dark hair, and just having all the time I wanted to soak her in. She was from the beginning a sweetly peaceful baby, only crying when she needed something. Her first few weeks of life were a little chaotic, since we were moving into a new home, but even then her quiet strength shone through. Caroline means "strong woman of faith," and she is just that.

We could not be more proud of Caroline or enjoy her more. She loves with loyalty and passion; she is compassionate and hospitable; she is a wonderful daughter and sister. Her sense of humor and contagious joy bring our family closer together. We praise God for our sweet Caroline!!!

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