Spring Weekend with Family

This weekend we got to spend sweet time with family, the first time we've had all the cousins together! I'm always amazed that we can cram so much goodness into one weekend, and yet still feel pretty relaxed. Daniel and my dad left before dawn to do some turkey hunting, so our mornings were slow and sweet. The three older girls helped Mia make waffles, we took advantage of the gorgeous spring mornings to play and swing outside, and we colored to our hearts' content.

Thea is a huge fan of the swing, and Charlie loved being the big sister and getting to swing her! Charlie is the sweetest, proudest sister and takes such joy in making her sister smile. She was born to be a big sister! Thea will be six months in a few weeks, and it's simultaneously making my heart leap for joy and blink away tears. She is just the sweetest little punkin, and don't even get me started on the wrist rolls.

We managed to squeeze in a few pictures before chaos ensued, and I can't decide which picture is my favorite. Charlie got to be a big girl holding a baby!

My parents have a delightful backyard, beautiful in every season, but especially fun when the weather is nice. The dogwoods are fully in bloom, which make me nostalgic for my own childhood.

All the color and brightness of the evening light made for a magical evening. Perhaps the highlight was the simple joy of a shower of rosy "helicopters" from the maple trees.

On Sunday we met the hunters at my grandma's farm, where the girls got to see their Great-Grandma, watch Great-Uncle Keith plant the corn and climb all over the tractor, shoot guns (the big girls), and hunt for snail shells in the garden.

Great-Grandma taught Charlie how to make a wish on a dandelion.

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