January was a relatively slow month, when we tried to rest from all the holiday fun and get back in our home school routine. 

- the girls got a disco light for christmas, so we had lots of dance parties - thea will never experience the concept of personal space - elli likes to warm up by the fire when she wakes up and charlie likes to get "dressed" first thing... here they shared their little routines - sunday afternoon board games -

- grocery shopping with four babies... always an adventure - snack time - as part of our katy and the big snow unit study, we made our own city. as we covered cereal boxes with construction paper tonight, we talked about what buildings are important for a city to have (fire station, school, electric company, etc). so, then we started labeling the buildings, and elli asked, "mom, how do you spell chick-fil-a?" - catching up on holiday sleep -

- baby messy bun is my favorite - thea's favorite view - ballerina cara - ballerina elli -

- our most enthusiastic dancer was crushed when she didn't get to join her sisters - man vs wild with these curious ladies - kissable - just like her other sisters, thea adores her elli -

- snuggling with uncle ryan and aunt madeleine during the holidays - post christmas crash - one of my favorite things about homeschooling is getting to do art projects with the girls - face time with the cousins mostly means making silly faces at each other - 

- keeping busy - first night in her big girl bed! - my polka dot princess - we moved elli in with thea and charlie in with caroline this weekend; elli was so excited to arrange her bed - 

- sunday rest - little miss riding hood - if i didn't know better, i'd say she was up to something - "look mom, it's a pot-head" - 

- january essentials with a february twist - 'would you rather' - thea hasn't completely decided if she's going to be a thumb sucker, but if she does, i hope she chooses this thumb! - baptism day - 

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