Finally, here are some pictures of our honeymoon. We still don't have internet at our apartment, so unfortunately, I can't get our snorkling pictures up. Our resort was right on the water, so almost every day we went snorkling. Here are some other pictures of our trip.
One night we explored the town of Cozumel. You can't really tell because of the lighting, but it was dusk, and the clouds on the horizon were just beautiful over the city.

I loved how colorful Cozumel was! There were so many bright houses and beautiful greenery.

On our second day in Cozumel, we rented a jeep to explore the island. Our resort was on the side facing inland, and it was pretty crowded with resorts and the cruise ships. When you drive around to the other side of the island, there are tons of beautiful virgin beaches and little seaside bars. There were only about eight other people on the beach where we stopped. This day was probably our favorite, not only because of the quietness and beauty of the island, but also because it was such an exciting adventure!
This is Daniel in our jeep before we began. The funny expression on his face has everything to do with the fact that neither of us realized that the jeeps were all stick shift, and neither of us drive stick shifts! I guess it's true that you do crazy things in foreign countries, because we decided to drive it anyway, even though we'd both only driven a stick once!
These are the busy streets in which my amazing husband learned to drive a stick! Nothing like learning under pressure!
The sea shore drive of Cozumel.

Once we got to the other side of the island, there were hardly any buildings or traffic. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

We stopped at a beachside bar and enjoyed some cool drinks and the sights and sounds of the beautiful ocean. The water was perfectly cool and refreshing, and clear as glass.

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