Oops, it's been awhile! We've been busy, mostly with Daniel's project, which he turned in today! The next three weeks will be easy going for Daniel. This week he gets a break from studio, next week he flies to Seattle for an architecture trip, and then it's spring break! I'm so thankful that my job allows me to have time off with Daniel on spring break. We'll be spending ours with our families. Daniel has some interviews for his summer internship, and hopefully we'll soon be able to make some official plans for the summer!

I spent the past weekend with my family for my little brother Ryan's play, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. What a blast!!! Congrats to Ryan and my mom (she's the area coordinator for the theater organization)... it was an incredible show! I'm so sad that I forgot my camera, though! Maybe I can get some pictures from the family.

Well, here's a few pictures from the last month or so...

Black and White party at my old roommate Kristen's house.

Black and White party at Anthony and Jonathan's.... we didn't wear black or white.

Ian, Mike, Daniel, and Ben...

Zoolander? Boy band? We're not sure.

And a few from the wedding:
Gabe-Fabulous and Checkers. I have the coolest friends!

Daniel and I with Brice

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