Summer Plans!

Daniel accepted an internship at a great architecture firm in my hometown for the summer! I'm so proud of him! We're looking forward to being in a big city for a few months, and I know he's especially looking forward to working an 8-5 job that you can leave at the office when you come home! It will be so nice to experience a taste of what our lives may look like in a couple of years.

Now that the excitement of spending a weekend with our new nephew is over, we're plunging back into the last five weeks of school. Daniel's project has already picked up the pace, and will continue to intensify from this point out. Lots of studio time. However, because last semester was so demanding, I think we've both been pleasantly surprised this semester. It's actually been really great! Even in the busy weeks, we're still able to make time for each other. What a blessing!

Here's a random picture of my little "project." I decided to try planting some herbs to use in cooking. I planted rosemary, cilantro, and basil, and they've just started to spring up! It's amazing how exciting new life is, whether a plant of a baby! This picture is a week old; I'll put a current one up later. Daniel calls them "our little guys" since we don't have any pets. I just wish the weather would warm up so that we could leave them outside overnight!

Umm, I realize you can't see anything in this picture, really, but the second one gives you a close-up view... you have to get really close! :)

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Hannah said...

Oh dear. Megan that baby is beautiful! Congratulations on being an aunt!! I think you'll be fabulous ... promise to shower him with kisses.