Earth day/ my Birthday

Sunday was my golden birthday (also earth day, for my green friends). I had a wonderful weekend of family and friends. Since I had to be in my hometown anyway on Friday, I celebrated with my family then. Mom and I went for a pedicure and some shopping, and then we went to dinner with Dad and Ryan. I was so excited because we tried out a pizza restaurant I've been eying for months now. So delicious! I absolutely loved it!
For my actual birthday, Daniel and I spent some quality time watching movies and napping (I know, we're so interesting), and then we went out to dinner at Old Chicago with friends. Thanks to all who made it. What a great day!
Myself, Daniel, Kendra, John, Taylor, Michael, Steph and Sara!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my beautiful sister! Have I told you that you are the best sister-in-law ever? :) I'm sorry this is two days late. Love you!