Happy Halloween

Since taking Elli trick-or-treating would have seemed a thinly veiled guise for mommy and daddy to get some free candy, we opted out this year, but I wanted Elli to have a costume anyway. This afternoon after I finished her costume (nope, I'm not a procrastinator, nosiree), Daniel and I took her on a walk to take some pictures. She had a blast exploring the great outdoors with us! We were able to trick-or-treat the grandparents via Skype, which was fun, and our friend Diane, whom Elli adores, came over to see Elli in her costume, but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of that.

Here's our little bluebird:
One wing is a little lopsided here, but you get the idea.Happy baby!Her wings did not get in the way of her crawling all over the place!Love this sweet daddy-daughter moment!Elli was a little hesitant on the grass at first.Ahem... my husband is hott.One of Elli's favorite new activities: walking with assistance!She adores her daddy!


Michaela said...

How sweet! Those are cute wings! I am impressed, really impressed with your sewing skills lately. Can't wait to see you soon!

Anna Kristina said...

She is so gosh darn cute! Great costume idea. On another note, we're apartment hunting in boston and strangely enough, on our list courtesy a realtor is the same complex you guys lived in! (If we need to know anything about the landlord etc. feel free to share!) We thought that was pretty crazy, as we didn't know until Fox looked at them for us. What are the odds, right?

Christine said...

I'm so excited about your new blog! And I love these pictures more than you'll ever know!!!