Elli is a very affectionate baby. She loves to give kisses mostly to her mommy (yes!), then to her daddy, her Pooh Bear, and sometimes to other people. She even sometimes makes a little "mmwa" sound, which she definitely learned from me!

Recently we checked out a book from the library with babies faces in it. She started out only kissing the "grey" babies, but now she gives them indiscriminately. Sorry the video is so awkward... she only does it when I'm holding the book, so I had to prop up the video camera as best I could. (ps- Yes, I will be wiping the book down with Clorox wipes before we return it!)


Stacey said...

Ok I found that hilarious! She was really into that book. And those kisses were fantastic! When Makayla kisses us she is so aggressive she just about takes half our face with her. If the aggressiveness keeps up I'm going to be a bit concerned for the teenage years.

Christine said...

Oh friend, I loved watching her turn those pages! And as far as the kissing goes...that girl is a quarter Italian! So. Beware. :)