Time with Aunt Julie, Carson, and Averie

Elli and I also had the pleasure of a playdate with her best friends, Carson and Averie, while we were in town. I had a blast playing with the kids, and also seeing Elli interact with her peers. I gained some useful insight into my daughter's personality.
First of all, how cute is this girl? Oh man, I couldn't give her enough kisses! I love those little pigtails!
And here's the only non-blurry picture of Carson I got... that boy is on the move!Now, none of these are particularly awesome photos, but they are making me laugh every time I look at them! Averie, hunny, I'm so sorry! Elli just loves you so much... and like her Aunt 'Tine reminds me, she is a quarter Italian!
First interaction:Second interaction... Elli, I think Averie was ready for you this time!I foresee many fun times in our future!

And here Elli is playing with Julie after Averie went down for a nap... poor girl, all Elli's loving wore her out!


Julie said...

Averie and Carson had a blast with Elli! They can't wait for another playdate in December!

Michaela said...

I love how Aves is pushing Elli belle down! Aggressive! :) I love those three kiddos sooooooooooooo much! Can I be a part of the next play date? Even though I am without child?

Erin said...

I totally see Micah when she smiles :-)

alli kaarina said...

This series of pictures is unbelievable. So cute. Can you believe she's almost 1?!? I need to get some lovin' time with her soon.