Hodge Podge of Photos

I am so behind it's beginning to overwhelm me, so I just need to get on the ball and post! Here are some various pictures from our time with my family.

Park time with Grandpa and Mia. Elli just loves to swing, and although on this particular trip she was not interested, when my mom and I came back a few days later, she even began to enjoy the slide!
I think this picture is so sweet! She looks like she's making sure Mia is seeing what she's seeing outside.
My grandparents came up one morning to visit us. Elli was quite taken by Great-Grandpa's hat. :)
Elli always has the biggest smiles for her Great-Grandma, and when we said goodbye the morning we left, Elli gave her a snuggle! Absolutely melted my heart!Mia gave Elli a Pooh Bear musical ornament, which Elli loved, of course!First time on the stairs! Since we don't have any stairs in our apartment, this was Elli's first time to climb some. I thought it might take her a little while to figure it out, but she didn't skip a beat! This became one of her favorite activities while we were there. She just needs to learn how to go down them.Uncle Adam helping out.And I just have to include a picture of Elli in her footie pajamas... I could just eat her!


Stacey said...

Oh I just love footie pajama's! Aiden still wears them. I love love love watching Makayla crawl around in her pj's.

Anonymous said...

She is the CUTEST! And she looks just like her momma in some of these pictures!