My Little Mermaid

Elli's fever got below 100 degrees today, and she actually ate a little bit, so I think we're past the worst of it!  Her poor little nose is completely stuffed up, and I'm afraid she's developing a cough, but at least the fever seems to be fading!  
During lunch today, she was watching me eat with my fork very carefully, so I decided to let her try.  Obviously it's time to get a toddler fork!  She was having a blast, and actually succeeding occasionally!
Being the passionate little lady she is (she gets that from her dad, I'm sure :), Elli expressed her excitement with a wide variety of faces and sounds!

And in case you were very confused with the title of this post, Elli's seems to already be pretending to be a Disney princess... only the beginning, I'm sure.

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smithec said...

is it just me, or does elli REALLY look like micah in the top picture? hope she's feeling better - poor little girl!