Just a few of my favorite Elli-isms:

One day while shopping, some Pooh Bear bath toys just leaped into our cart... okay, so they might have had a little help, but they have not left Elli's chubby little toddler hands since!  She gives them snuggles in the shopping cart, reads them books in her chair, washes them in the bathtub, and feeds them in her high chair.  My heart melts a little every time I see her loving on them!  But my favorite is when we are in the car, and all I hear for the entire trip is bubbly chatter between Elli, Pooh Bear, and Eeyore.  I have no idea what is being discussed, but it is cheerful and pleasant and exciting for sure! 

Our nightly routine is clean up toys (which she enjoys doing for the time being!), diaper change and pj's, kisses for Daddy and Mommy, prayers, song, (sometimes a book) and milk, and laying down in her crib with all of her Pooh buddies.  Lately, she has started waving at me when I say goodnight, and a few times she has even said nigh-nigh so sweetly that I almost have to go back in, swoop her up, and kiss her! 

Tuesdays mornings are usually my laundry time, because I like to catch up on Dancing with the Stars while I sort and fold laundry.  There's really no plot, so I don't have to worry about missing something important, and I feel mostly comfortable letting Elli watch along with me.  (Although I'm totally creeped out by Pamela Anderson this season...)  Anyway, Elli will often sit nearby and play, or often she will try to join in the chore (which is mostly counter-productive, but I love her enthusiasm!).  But when the music starts and the dancing begins, she sways back and forth or bounces to the rhythm, and usually she will go find Pooh Bear so she can make him dance with her.  This girl loves to dance!

When Elli noticed her friends, Cardo and Harrison, jumping the other day, she became fascinated with that skill.  She tries her very hardest to do it, either by squatting up and down, or lifting one leg and then the other.  And she is oh-so-proud of herself!

And my favorite new word: "Wow," which also sounds like "Whoa."

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Papa said...

You are an amazing Mother and Elli is an amazing little girl.

We love you so much and look forward in seeing you soon.