The first week of August we house and babysat for a family that my family has known for years who moved to Texas about a year ago.  Their son turns two in early September, so he made a perfect playmate for Elli.  They also graciously opened up their home for us to invite some family or friends to visit, so Daniel's family made the trip!  They have a gorgeous home with plenty of beds, a pool and hot tub, and huge kitchen.  Thank you, K family!!!

One of the things I most look forward to when we get together with Daniel's family is seeing how Micah and Elli enjoy being together.  Every time they're together, they have more and more fun, and their mutual affection is obvious!  These photos are not exactly the best quality, but I love their expressions in it!
Oh, they have so much fun together!!!
 More pictures to come!

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Christine said...

THat pretty much makes me cry! Just catching up on your blog and aching to kiss my sweet Elli!