Peach Picking

Papa, Nona, Aunt Tine and Micah all drove down on Monday, while Uncle B and Aunt Karis (also referred to as B by Elli) flew down Thursday after work.  So we filled the first three days with activities for the kiddos.  On Tuesday we went to the zoo, but my camera ran out of batteries.  We did have a great time, however!  On Wednesday we drove to Fredericksburg, TX to pick peaches and walk around a little bit in this adorable German town.  I definitely foresee a weekend date with Daniel at some point.  Such a cute town!
The Marburger Orchard was a drive with three toddlers, but they all had such a great time picking the peaches that I think it was worth it.  The trees were all low to the ground so they could reach the peaches themselves! 
They felt so important grabbing a peach and putting them in the box.  We may have ended up with a few less than ripe fruits, but it didn't matter!
Elli took her peach picking very seriously!
And this little guy was so proud of his finds.
Of course, the dirt was also a very popular pastime for the kiddos.  :)  
Oh, I love these two!!!

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Ryan, Aubrey and Mirabel Bucher said...

Thanks for the comment. You are the only one who still reads it. :) I check yours daily too. Sometimes twice. Too bad you don't live here and we could just hang out instead of stalking eachother. Peach picking sounds like a lot of fun! We have been making a lot of smoothies with peaches.