The Promised Wordy Post

Summer was busy and crazy and fun and over already.  How did that happen?  Of course, if I didn't have a calendar, I would still think it's the middle of summer, but that's south Texas for y'all.  :) Nonetheless, I have done a little decorating and lit the pumpkin spice candle!  Mmmm...

I really can't believe September is over halfway over already.  I haven't written much about what's been going on with my job/our church lately, because it was a sensitive issue and we weren't sure what God was calling us to.  Long story short - our church went through a rather public split in June over theological issues.  I don't really want to get into all the details (believe me, I've heard/discussed/read about them enough for now), but Daniel and I knew we were going to be leaving Christ Church, we just weren't sure when and where we were leaving to.  Originally, we were planning on staying well into this first semester to help transition the youth group to a new school year, but after much discussion and prayer with the staff, we came to a mutual decision that it was best for there to be a clean break.  The whole process was wearying... people were trying to be helpful, but I couldn't help but feel some pressure from both sides, and I hated hated hated breaking some of the kids hearts.  Our last Sunday was the last week in August, and much as it hurt to leave those kids, I was (and am) relieved to have the decision behind us and the freedom to move on.

We are excited about our new journey with the new church.  I was officially hired a few weeks ago to work with the youth and assist with the website.  Most of the kids who have joined the new congregation I know and love, so I'm looking forward to continuing those relationships.  The church is still nameless, so I feel akward when people ask me where I work, but hopefully soon I'll have a good answer!
Our fall schedule is starting to take shape, and I'm hopeful we'll fall into a routine soon.  Elli began Mother's Day Out last week, so that gives me a few days a week to meet girls for lunch and get other work done.  I still need to upload the pics from my camera of her first day, but I'll post them soon!  We also began our BSF study for the year, and I'm already very excited about the study of Isaiah.  Last week Elli learned that God's Word is true!  What a great way to start the year!

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