Four Months

 Even though it's only been a few years since Elli was Caroline's age, I had forgotten how much I adore having a baby around.  The sweetness, the cuddliness, the delicious squishiness.  I can't get enough!
Caroline is all these things and more, making her absolutely irresistible!

At her four month appointment, she measured 25.5 inches and weighed 14lbs 11oz, which put her in the 50th percentile for both. Pure perfection... but we already knew that.  Those chocolate eyes are not going anywhere, but is it just me, or is her hair getting lighter? 

She is smiling and giggling up a storm, especially at her big sister! Whenever Elli is in the room, she is watching her intently.  Caroline rolls from back to front every time I lay her down and occasionally makes it to her back again.  She is very interested in her toys and loves to read books.

Caroline continues to be an awesome sleeper, usually going twelve hours at night, although I do sometimes wake her up for one feeding before I go to bed.  On a normal day, she takes two long naps and one short one in the early evening.  I am learning, however, that with two littles and my job, there are a lot of "abnormal" days.  No matter what kind of day we are having though, she is rarely fussy or needy.  I'm so thankful for my sweet, content baby girl!

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