Labor Day

We had such a sweet time with family and friends earlier this month.  I have a ridiculous amount of pictures (surprised?), so I've narrowed it down to some of my favorites. Thanks to my parents for letting me use their camera and "steal" many of their pictures!  Here are a few to begin with:

The girls and I flew out early to spend a few days with my parents and see some friends.  We had a little club date at the park, which is just getting more and more fun as we add kiddos.  Carson, Averie and Elli are at a great age to really enjoy playing together without too much help from the mamas, which is good, because now we've got two newer littles who need some snuggling.  Elli had so much fun playing with her "fwends."

Another day, we went to the zoo with my parents.  The polar bear was by far my favorite, and I think Elli's too, although riding the choo-choo was definitely in the running. The bear was so active the entire time, doing back flips off of the glass wall so you could literally put your hand up against her paw (huge!) and feel like you were face to face.  I think I overheard the guide saying she is only 900 lbs, but they estimate by this time next year she will be another 300-400lbs bigger!  Crazy, right?

The zoo has recently added another awesome experience in a ski lift ride that takes you up over the African savanna part of the zoo.  Pretty awesome.  (sorry for the warped cell phone pic of my parents and Elli)

We of course stopped by the elephants, and rode the tram and the train, which made Elli very happy. And we even got to see the chimps having a birthday party!

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