Five Months

 Our sweet Caroline is getting so big!  She rolls; she scoots; and she's getting pretty good at grabbing toys (especially her big sister's!).  These bright eyes are constantly watching what's going on around her, craning her neck to see what Elli is up to or where Daddy is going.

She nurses about every 3-4 hours and has tried a few bites of cereal, mostly for practice at this point.  I've realized that starting solids is probably a bigger transition for me than anything else!  Mealtimes are about to get a little crazy!  She loves all the attention Elli gives her when I do feed her.  "Good job, Yai-yai!  You do it!  You do it!"

 She continues to be a great sleeper, taking two long naps and one cat-nap during the day, and then sleeps about twelve hours at night.  She went through a phase where she would wake up around five in the morning and just chatter away.  I am hoping we are done with that! 

 Her little personality is definitely starting to peek out, which is really fun!  She is relatively quiet, especially in public.  In fact, she just plain loves to be home, becoming very happy and active when we walk through our door.  She is easy-going and really only cries when something is wrong.  She laughs the hardest for her daddy, especially when he "helps" her chase Elli around the house. Like her sister, she is very curious and wants to be held so she can see what is going on around her.  A bundle of joy, we just can't help but smile every time we see her!
We love you, little lady!

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Kayla said...

She is so adorable! You guys have such beautiful children!