Speaking of Getting Big...

 My first baby is nearing three years of age, can you believe it?  I can not.  She's still got baby soft skin and remnants of those pinch-me-please rolls, but the truth is, every day the little girl in her blossoms a bit more.
Her favorite words right now are, "I do it, Mommy!"  And the cool part is?  Most of the time she does.  She puts on her own shoes, buckles half of her car seat, and likes to choose her own clothes.

 She loves to twirl around in her frilliest dresses, although her favorite is the "purtle choo-choo dress" (purple tutu dress -- it took Daniel and I a while to figure that one out!).  She is constantly pretending things, like her "camera" below, and having imaginary conversations with any and all of her toys.  The current favorite is her robot that Daddy built out of duplos and her toy vacuum.  Yup.  She carries the vacuum around the house with her, talks to it, feeds it, disciplines it.  Never a dull moment around here.

Elli continues to embrace being a big sister!  She was thrilled that Caroline was going to be sleeping in the same room with her.  Every morning she greets her baby sister with, "Dood mornin' shweet durl!" and a hug and kiss. Daniel and I feel so blessed to have Elli as our daughter.  She keeps us hopping for sure, but she adds so much laughter and sweetness to our family.

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