In Which I Find My Christmas Cheer

Usually this is my favorite time of year. But for some reason I just wasn't feeling it this year - you know, that bubbly, joyous, Christmas cheer.  Decorating sounded like a chore; sugar cookies weren't make my mouth water; even my beloved Christmas music was falling flat.  Usually I'm fighting the urge to turn it on my early November, but not this year. As we drove home from Thanksgiving, I even considered skipping getting a Christmas tree this year.

But what could I do?  I have two littles and memories to make!  So, we grabbed the camera and drove to the Christmas tree farm tent.  Yeah... tent.  And you know what?  That whiff of pine as we walked in... the pleasure Elli found in seeking out the perfect "tritmut tree"... they began to work their magic.  By the time Daniel and his little elf/shadow got the tree up, I had caught it.  

That twinkling-lights-loving, eggnog-craving, Mariah-Carey-belting feeling.

 So we hung ornaments on the tree the next morning.  Our radio is set to the 24 hour Christmas music station.  And we will be making sugar cookies pretty soon.  And it's awesome.  The magic is reflected in Elli's voice as she oohed and ahhed over every single ornament.  Her sweet transparency when we plugged in the lights the next morning, "Oh Mommy. That tree make me happy."  

In the midst of all this "not feeling" and "feeling" I am reminded of a truth the Lord's been teaching me this year.  Feeling follows doing.

I don't always feel like going for a run.
I don't always feel like showing my husband affection.
I don't always feel like stopping what I'm doing to take advantage of a teachable moment with Elli.
I don't always feel like giving forgiveness when I've been wronged.
I don't always feel like spending time in the Word at the crack of dawn.
I don't always feel like changing another poopy diaper.

Okay... so there are a few things that I will probably never feel like doing, but you get what I'm saying. I find that as I walk in obedience, God is faithful to fill me with His Spirit so that my heart becomes more like His.


Stacey said...

Love It! thanks for sharing

Elise said...

This post really touched me. Thank you Megan!

Michaela said...

Very good post Meg! And don't forget...at the end of the season just hoist the tree on top of the car and take a drive on the highway:)

Megan said...

Ha! Didn't I tell you - I'm thinking of making that a yearly tradition! :)