Papa and Nonna's Visit

Well, I am behind again.  Daniel's parents came to visit us in mid-November.  On the same day they arrived, Daniel drove to the nearest IKEA to pick up our new couch, so we actually had enough places for everyone to sit! The couch is the very first large piece of furniture Daniel and I have bought together, so we loved being able to share it with them.

We spent a lot of the weekend just hanging out and enjoying each other.  Daniel's parents brought some old home videos with them, so we enjoyed getting a peek into Daniel as a little boy.  After a few too many of them made Daniel feel a little motion sick, we took a break and walked to Elli's "my blue park."

Note the cowboy boots, Elli's footwear of choice lately.  I guess Texas is having a bit of an influence.  :)

The rest of Saturday was spent crafting and watching the football game.  Elli and her Nonna did a lot of crafting this weekend, and I think they were both in their happy place!  Our kitchen wall was covered by the time they went home!

 I love this picture... Caroline was unusually snuggly after her nap, so she got cozy on Daddy's chest. 

 On Monday, while the men worked, the girls took a trip to the zoo.  I love this sweet picture of Elli and her Nonna! 

It's fun to see Caroline begin to actually notice and enjoy the animals at the zoo.  More and more she is really aware of and involved with what's going on around her. Elli is getting braver around the birds, although still not touching them, and the train continues to be a highlight for Elli.

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Kelley said...

so sweet! those girls are just too precious.