Watercolor Doilie Banner

Does the word "doilie" look wrong to anybody but me? Oh well, that's how it was spelled on the package, so I'm going with it.  Moving on.

 Like many other moms I know, I am always seeking to be a more 'present' mother for my little girls. I am far too quick to say, "Let me finish this first..." and then somehow never quite finish. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I pulled out some watercolors and doilies (still doesn't look right) from the craft box.

 photo d813dd6c720f11e2959322000a1f9d56_7_zps2a8c9965.jpg
 photo 6cf4ba86721111e2af7822000a1fb04e_7_zpsdcb85618.jpg

I didn't have a plan for them until they were all laying out on the table drying. They looked so pretty all together, so I quickly grabbed some embroidery thread (pink, to make it a little more festive), and strung them up to make a Valentine's Day banner.

 photo _MG_5684crop_zps5072f29c.jpg

I looooove how it turned out, and so do the girls! Elli can't wait to show Daddy, and Cara said, "Oooo, pitty!" as I hung them.

 photo _MG_5685crop_zps7d53ca3b.jpg

Each of them is unique, although most of Caroline's have so many colors mixed in that they ended up a little brownish. Elli even painted a few faces and a lady bug. If you decide to make one with your family, don't worry about the "uglier" ones (as if anything your child makes could ever be ugly :)). Make a few yourself with the colors you prefer, and then mix them strategically in with all the others.

 photo _MG_5687crop_zpsb1a8afbe.jpg

Since we had such a good thing going, we topped it all off with a picnic lunch outside. Here's to many many more sweet 'present' mornings with my two favorite little girls.

 photo _MG_5696_zps6c0fd0c4.jpg

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