Smoky Mountains

The day after the wedding, we went on a hike to see Laurel Falls in the Smoky Mountains National Park. I remember camping here with my family as a young girl, so it was sweet to make some memories here with my own family. The girls though it was pretty amazing.

 photo _MG_8354group_zps87a9c079.jpg

The newlyweds graciously spent the day with us; since we so rarely get to spend time together, it was a blessing to have a few more hours.
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The water was frigid, but Caroline would have jumped right in if we'd let her!
The rest of us were content to enjoy the waterfall's mist and getting our feet wet.

 photo _MG_8293group_zps96b4bef5.jpg

 We missed hanging out with Adam and Sara, who had to drive back early that morning, but it is so sweet to see our family "complete." God is good!

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The girls enjoyed their rides up and down the trail. Thanks to Grandpa, Daddy and Uncles who took turns!

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