The Nutcracker

On Sunday, my mom took Elli and I on a "big girl's date" to see the Nutcracker. She was so excited to curl her hair and wear her special Christmas dress and fancy shoes.

 photo _MG_9549_zps1af279ee.jpg

My mom and I hadn't seen it since I was a little girl, so it was a really fun date. Although parts of it were a little long for Elli, she loved the dancing and was pretty engaged the whole time. 

 photo _MG_9588_zps23a2a0a6.jpg

And by engaged, I mean she had soooo many questions, which revealed her attention to details. She wondered why the lights were pink, why the mouse king only had one head (the one in her book has seven), and wanted to know who every character was. :)

 photo _MG_9590_zps5b7672ee.jpg

Mia took us out for some hot chocolate afterwards, and I know Elli felt so important. 

 photo _MG_9581_zpsa135c891.jpg

Don't worry, Caroline had a special (stay-at-home-in-PJs) date with Grandpa. This picture is a little blurry, but Caroline's face just cracks me up!

 photo _MG_9527_zps4800de5a.jpg

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