Listening to: Elli and Caroline pretending. We still always take a rest time in the afternoons, even though they almost never actually fall asleep. They can read or color or play quietly, but it's always alone time. We all come out of it refreshed and ready to be together again with happy hearts, even (especially?) mommy.

Smelling: Mrs. Meyers basil candle, my favorite scent.

Thinking about: Springtime! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping outside my window, but last night's snow is still melting slowly away. I truly love winter - chilly sheets when I go to bed, snuggling up by the fire, and sipping hot tea; but around mid-February, I begin day dreaming about windows open, planting our garden, and more hours of daylight.

Loving: Our BSF study of the life of Moses, both for myself and the girls. I love hearing what they are learning, and I know that God is using this study in my life. The last few weeks, especially, I have felt like the lesson was meant just for me.

Planning: Charlie's first birthday party! How is it almost a year already? We are keeping it super simple, just a family lunch, but I look forward to celebrating our first year with her. She has truly brought so much joy to our family.

Working on: Finishing our renovation. Daniel is studying for his licensing exams, so there are lots of items on our to-do list that will have to wait for him, but I've been trying to accomplish what I can without him. Right now I'm finishing painting all the beams in our kitchen/living room.

Looking at: My instagram pictures; each and every one brings a memory or a feeling with it. I'm so thankful for that quick and easy way to capture the details of our day. Here are a few recent favorites:

You can easily tell by the smears and fingerprints that this is Charlie's favorite place. Especially when her big sisters are playing outside.

Elli and Caroline had a slumber party on their floor a few nights ago, and Charlie was so sweet trying to wake up her sister.

I really hope Charlie never grows out of her snuggly-ness. There is no better feeling!

Charlie follows her sisters everywhere they go.

We had maybe about an inch of snow overnight, and the girls wasted no time getting geared up to go play outside. Good thing, too, because it was gone by noon.

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