Christmas Cookies!

Growing up, one of my favorite family traditions was baking and decorating Christmas cookies. I am so excited to continue that tradition with Elli! There wasn't a whole lot she could do this year, but I think she had fun!
While Elli napped, Daniel and I cut out and baked the cookies.
I tried to capture her look of wonder at all the cookies, but this is the closest I got! She just stared and smiled at them. Still waking up as she waited for the icing to get mixed.Discovering that icing is kinda yummy!
This was how she decorated the cookie: spreading around the icing only to lick it off her fingers. She did take a bite out of her cookie, but she wasn't really a fan. The icing and sprinkles, however, were a big hit!Some of the finished product. Delicious... if I do say so myself!

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Michaela said...

meg you are so cute! love that apron! I am going to make some sugar cookies tomorrow! love you!