Happy Fourth!

Last year's Fourth of July being as miserable as it was, I am determined that this year will be better!  Of course, there is a good chance of rain and I have to be at the airport early tomorrow morning, but none of that will ruin my day!  We are still undecided about seeing fireworks, but either way Nona will be coming in town.  And we've got tabbouleh, watermelon, blue moon, and red-white-and-blue rice krispie treats!  What could go wrong?  

Yesterday we took advantage of a break in the rain and headed to our favorite local park to walk and take pictures.  Make fun of our coordinating outfits if you dare... :)
 Elli decided to go off the beaten path.
But only to catch her beloved Ginger!
 We brought along a snack for Elli, but I think she had more fun opening and closing the lid than eating any of it.  Yes, her hair is finally long enough to use a clip! 
 Sometimes the view is better from Daddy's arms...
 And other times it feels good to be up close and personal with the earth.
I love my non-stop busy little girl!  She brings so much joy to our days. 

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