We've spent the last week house/babysitting for a family here in town (pics from that to come), so I have a lot of posts to catch up on.  After our weekend with his, Daniel had to get back to work, but Elli and I were able to spend a few days with my family before flying back home.  

Mia had a few gifts for her to open while we were there, and Mr. Potato-head quickly became a favorite.
Uncle Adam and Aunt Sara brought Coci over to play, which Elli loved, of course!
My dad recently re-tiled their shower, and Elli had to check out his handiwork.
One of Elli's recent obsessions is my "lipstick" (usually just chapstick), so she loved this toy lipstick.
We also went swimming every day, which was a blast!  I used to swim every morning in the summers at this pool when I was a Lazer (Julie, does it all look familiar?), so it was kind of fun to revisit my childhood summers.  I love these pictures my dad took of Elli playing in the fountain with my mom's water aerobic weights.

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Julie said...

Did you go to Ad Astra? It looks like they remodeled. The entrance looks darker and did they add a fountain? How fun! It seems like pools these days are all turning into mini water parks. Love our pool memories!