Unexpected Company

Last week we learned that a friend of Daniel's was driving through Texas with his new bride, on their way to spend their first year of marriage doing missions in Mexico.  We were excited to see Lukas again and meet Allison, even though it would be only a brief, overnight stay.  Unfortunately for them (fortunately for us!), their car broke down on their way into town, so they had to stay with us on Saturday to get their car fixed.  While the guys had a blast discovering how to change an alternator, Allison and I hung out with Elli back at the apartment.  I could have chatted with her all day long... she is so sweet and fun!  Daniel and I both said after they left that we wished they were moving down the street from us! 

During the afternoon we walked over to the football stadium at the high school next to our apartment complex.  Despite the oppressive heat, we had fun throwing around a football and frisbee... and a water bottle.  These two are so cute, they taught us their favorite game they play on the beach in Florida (where Allison is from).  Aren't they adorable?
"Hey, who wants to play frisbee with me?"
 Water girl...
Allison snapped some family pics for us.  I love this one!
Elli taking all the balls on a walk.

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Mira's mom said...

Love the photo of Elli throwing the water bottle!! Her face expression is adorable!