Grandpa and Mia's Visit

 My parents came down for a long weekend in October, and we had the most gorgeous weather!  On Friday (while Daniel was at work), we spent the morning walking around the Japanese Tea Garden and riding the choo-choo.

 I love this picture!  Elli loves her little sister so much.

Our train ride was just a little bit chilly this time.

On Saturday, we went pumpkin patching again and decided to try a new one.  Elli was out by the time we got there.  I mean out.  Thank goodness for the bouncy castle, because waking a sleeping bear toddler is always dangerous.  This bouncy castle was big enough to allow adults, and Elli was so excited to play ring around the rosy with all of us!  That smile says it all.

As we drove up to this patch, you can imagine my disappointment when the maze turned out to be a cheap wooden frame with black plastic trash bags for barriers.  Elli was not bothered in the least, however, and figured out pretty quickly that she had the advantage in hide and seek.  Don't get me started on the skinny jeans.  Love.

Our little family.

Monday was Halloween, but I'll post those pictures separately.  What you need to know is that Elli was a "moo-moo," as requested.  Her costume was simple: a white sweatshirt with spots painted on, black leggings, a headband with ears, and a tail. Well, she wore the tail and ears all Monday long.  All Monday until it was time to put her costume on, that is.  She most definitely did not want to wear them to our church's fall festival or trick-or-treating on our street.  

She did, however, want to wear the tail the next morning to the zoo.  :)  After playing with the lion statues, she pretended to be a lion herself, walking along on all fours.  I love this girl's imagination!

Then we actually got to hear the lion roar!  And Caroline was captivated by the ostrich... and her Mia.

The girls and their Grandpa and Mia.

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Kelley said...

oh goodness..love those skinny jeans! Adorable! What a sweet family you all are :)